**I am currently overwhelmed with messages, which is both wonderful
and a challenge! 
If you have a time-sensitive request, please include
one of the contacts below on your email so that I 
don’t miss it.**


For Book-Related and Media Inquiries (including podcast requests please!)
Ashley Garland
Deputy Publicity Director, Riverhead Books


For Speaking Invitations
Holly Goulet
Senior Vice President, APB
(*Scroll down the “About” page
for a sample of recent interviews.)


For Publicity Inquiries In the UK (including UK podcasts)
Ellis Keene
Communications Executive, Pan Macmillan


Contact David

(**NOTE: I enjoy getting questions from students,
but because of the volume I’m afraid I simply cannot
respond to most of them. That said, feel free to email.
I treat it like a lottery: if one pops up when I’m free,
I’ll answer. If I can’t get to it, my apologies.)