**I am currently overwhelmed with messages, which is both wonderful
and a challenge! 
If you have a time-sensitive request, please include
one of the contacts below on your email so that I 
don’t miss it.**


For Book-Related and Media Inquiries (including podcast requests please!)
Ashley Garland
Deputy Publicity Director, Riverhead Books


For Speaking Invitations
Holly Goulet
Senior Vice President, APB


For Publicity Inquiries In the UK (including UK podcasts)
Ellis Keene
Communications Executive, Pan Macmillan


Contact David

(**NOTE: I enjoy getting questions from students,
but because of the volume I’m afraid I simply cannot
respond to most of them. That said, feel free to email.
I treat it like a lottery: if one pops up when I’m free,
I’ll answer. If I can’t get to it, my apologies.)